Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi Sanstav,

Papa is back again. Well, I don't know how to tell u the pain me n yr mama r going thru but as they say u will probably be knowing it and watching over us. Life has suddenly ceased to exist with a huge black void in front of us. At times, we wonder what r we living for. I know you will find thiese ramblings of an old man but this father of yours also has a breaking point. It has still not reached and hopefully will not either as the only goal I have now is to take care of Mama. She had, if u remember, evolved her entire life around you, left her career, so she is feeling the hardest. Onlt time will heal but obviuosly nothing can fill this gap. I would definitely ask our so-called maker, whenever I meet, what is the logic of punishing innocent guys where as the crooks are having a swinging time. Life has been very unfair to you and to both of us. With yr attitude, I feel you would have been a great help to mankind on this earth. Anyway, beta, be in peace and dont wory about us. I will take care of Mama also. Luv you till eternity. Papa

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  1. Once when wandering the forests, the Pandavs are thirsty and Yudhishtar sends his brothers to fetch water from the nearby pond. This pond is guarded by a Yaksh who asks them to answer his questions before drinking the water. None of the brothers does so and are stricken down. Yudhishtar goes and consents to answer his questions. I do not remember the other questions but one has struck me as the most relevant one.

    Yaksh asks Yudhishtar, what is the greatest wonder in this world. "Men die every day, yet we keep on living and bring more life to earth. This is the greatest wonder", Yudhishtar replies.

    To me this captures the essence of our existence. In the face of constant pain and misery, we still seek to make our lives meaningful and contribute to the lives of others. There is no one on this earth who has not suffered loss and pain, yet there are very few who give up and loose the will to live further. Giving up is the easiest thing to do but to live on requires greater fortitude and perseverance.

    Be brave.