Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi sanstav,

you know that people say that the loved ones do come in your dreams once in a while to help you in overcoming the grief and sadness which you have left in our lives. Beta, if you think that we loved you so much than please come at least once to tell me that you are all right. I am only interested in your welfare and nothing else. The cross you gave us to carry is all mine and mama"s but if you remember I had never let anything hurt you during your entire 19 years and three days of life which you lived with us. That is why I am wondering that why haven't you contacted us. Son, wherever you are all I wish is for you to be fine. I never let anybody touch you during yout life but this was something which was beyond me also. You did everything right but HE still took you away from us. This "WHY" I will never come to know till I meet HIM but till that time. don't worry I will carry this burden and will also help Mama carry it too. We must have relly hurt you in your last life that is why we are caryying this. Whatever we did, I sincerely apologise to you from my side and on behalf of Mama. May you be in peace wherever you are and please remember, that we will always love you, regardless.

Be in peace, my son.

Your grieving father