Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am Sanstav Paul's father. We lost him in an aircrash on 21 Dec 08 at Phoenix, Arizona. He was our only child and let me state that we are a set of proud parents. Sanstav was a brilliant child and I am not talking academically or physically, but mentally also. I dont remember a single occasion when we Even had to raise our eyebrows in his life of 19 yrs or so. The relationship we three shared was that of mutual respect and friendship. There were occasions when his friends called him a Mama's boy but he never cared for that bcos he always valued relationships more than anything else. I have never yet come across a boy who was so focussed in life. People might say that heres a father praising his son who is no more but these facts were known to all who knew him.

Today he is not there with us. For us' life has suddenly become a meaningless existence with nothing to look forward to. I always was a firm believer in the adage that whatever god does, does it for the best. Now what good will come out of this, I DON'T KNOW. How do I answer this question to Sandhya, I am all at sea. 

People say that this was your Karma. Why are we being punished by god for things done in some previuos birth, which I don't know or remember. I never knew that life can be so cruel to us for no rhyme or reason
This is the first entry to see how things look. I will add someting more later.